Trailblazers Fund

The fund was set up to support the maintenance of the extensive trail network at Monks Cowl/ Culfargie. This has been a lifeline for management as no budget is available for trail maintenance in the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, WHS. 


The Trail Blazer Fund has made it possible to maintain the day walks as well as some of the overnight trails in good condition. Trail maintenance is an expensive business; trails must be cut and kept open, drains on the trails also have to be cleared and both water erosion barriers and bridges have to be repaired. You can assist by donating to the Trailblazer Fund thus ensuring that all our visitors to the Valley can enjoy a safe and carefree hiking experience.


You can assist by donating to the Trailblazer Fund, helping us to ensure the safety of all our visitors.


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Green Flag Trails at Monks Cowl

Green Flag Trails is an international standard for trail accreditation, to enhance public awareness of and confidence in trails. The system ensures well managed and environmentally accountable trails remain a valued and on-going resource for access to nature, recreation and trail sports, for health and tourism and the many benefits trails offer local communities.


The system is designed to meet the needs of trail users in relation to trail information, difficulty grading and skills and trail classification. Green Flag Trails is also a tool for trail managers who wish to receive objective trail audits and assessments and to have their trail recognised as being under responsible management. The accreditation mark is a useful tool for marketing your trails.


The Green Flag website is: and is operated by the World Trails Network.


Two of our trails at Monks Cowl were assessed by a Green Trails auditor in 2021 and have subsequently been awarded Green Flag status; something that we are very proud of. This would not have been possible were it not for the support of the Trailblazer Fund.


The Monks Cowl Nature Reserve offers many scenic hiking routes, camping facilities and a tea garden. Two of the trails have been awarded Green Flag status.


Contact Details:
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Monks Cowl: 036 468 1103


For more information click on the links below:

  1. Monks Cowl General Information PDF
  2. Monks Cowl Visitors Guide PDF
  3. Green Flag – Hlatikhulu Forest PDF
  4. Green Flag – Nandis Falls PDF
  5. Leave no trace PDF



The Blue Grotto and Fern Forest walk that takes off from the Drakenberg Sun are also both Green Flag trails and worth a walk if you are staying at this beautiful hotel.


A walks booklet and day walk map can be obtained from the Monks Cowl reception/Curio Shop. Overnight hiking maps are also sold when available or can be pre-ordered from

Cathkin Trails

Cathkin Trails offers a 30km network of trails for mountain biking and trail running in the Champagne Valley area.

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